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Fall has been busy…

Fall is a very busy time for all of us here at the Truckee River Chapter.  Some of the guys on the board are wrapping up their guide seasons, some are busy being responsible adults and raising kids, others are busy being unemployed students and hunting and fishing in between midterms and finals.  It’s a rough life we lead.

We do have a board meeting coming up this Saturday where we will be discussing the coming construction season on our Little Truckee River Project.    For those of you who don’t know what that project is, the short of it is that we have a plan to improve in-stream habitat for trout in the Little Truckee River (LTR).  As it stands now, 90% of Little Truckee fish hold in 10% of the water.  We want those fish to spread out.  To accomplish this we are going to be placing woody structure, rocks, and cover along the banks along the lower meadow section of the LTR that currently does not have the best holding water.  In addition to those improvements we will also be adding gravel at key locations to create more spawning beds.

TU relies on volunteers like you and me.  Once we get this project off the drawing board and apply our ideas to the river we are going to need lots of help from our volunteers.  I expect the first phase will begin this summer.  I will know more about where we stand with this project after this saturday.  I will be posting any updates I receive, and once we get some firm dates to start work next summer I will be sure to bug each and everyone of you to come out and give the LTR a hand.

See you on the water,


Matt Hargrave


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