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This just in from our intrepid weatherman…

It looks like the worst is over, unless it starts to rain and melts all the snow we just got.  Some fresh pictures from this morning.

truckee river flood 1

The river is high but it doesn’t look like it’s going to crest.

truckee river flood 2


Donner Creek is really high!

Donner Creek is really high!

I wonder what all the trout are doing today?  If they’re smart they are staying inside watching football like me…Matt



The Great Deluge Update

Our meeting for tonight was cancelled due to weather, so unfortunately it may be a while before I can give the update on the LT project.  In the meantime we are watching the river with bated breath and on stand-by sandbag patrol.  I’m going to head out tomorrow to check on the river level and take some pictures.  I’ll be sure to put some up if I find anything interesting…Matt

Fall has been busy…

Fall is a very busy time for all of us here at the Truckee River Chapter.  Some of the guys on the board are wrapping up their guide seasons, some are busy being responsible adults and raising kids, others are busy being unemployed students and hunting and fishing in between midterms and finals.  It’s a rough life we lead.

We do have a board meeting coming up this Saturday where we will be discussing the coming construction season on our Little Truckee River Project.    For those of you who don’t know what that project is, the short of it is that we have a plan to improve in-stream habitat for trout in the Little Truckee River (LTR).  As it stands now, 90% of Little Truckee fish hold in 10% of the water.  We want those fish to spread out.  To accomplish this we are going to be placing woody structure, rocks, and cover along the banks along the lower meadow section of the LTR that currently does not have the best holding water.  In addition to those improvements we will also be adding gravel at key locations to create more spawning beds.

TU relies on volunteers like you and me.  Once we get this project off the drawing board and apply our ideas to the river we are going to need lots of help from our volunteers.  I expect the first phase will begin this summer.  I will know more about where we stand with this project after this saturday.  I will be posting any updates I receive, and once we get some firm dates to start work next summer I will be sure to bug each and everyone of you to come out and give the LTR a hand.

See you on the water,


Matt Hargrave

Fall streamer lessons…

I purchased a switch rod this summer specifically for fishing the Truckee in fall and winter.  I plan to swing flies once things get a bit colder and I ran into this video showing a great way to put a loop at the end of a sink tip.


17th annual Truckee River Day…October 14th 2012.

Sorry for the absence, but I just got back from my summer job in Montana.

We are looking for volunteers for the upcoming Truckee River Day on October, 14th 2012.  We have two projects we are doing this year, one on the Little Truckee, and one on Lower Prosser Creek.

Here’s the break down of the projects…

Trout Unlimited will be running two project sites this year and they both need your help! TU will be running trail maintenance and reconstruction work on the Little Truckee River, while planting new mature willows along the streambank and re-seeding impacted areas in the meadow with native grasses. We will also be adding spawning gravels to Lower Prosser Creek – to enhance the wild trout reproduction in this stretch of river – which is impacted by Prosser Creek Dam. Both projects run from around 10am-1pm.

If you recreate in the Truckee area, this is your chance to give a little sweat equity back to a river that has given you so much over the years. For more information or to participate in this year’s restoration projects, please register at http://www.truckeeriverwc.org/events-a-programs/calendar/event-subscribe/191-truckee-river-day and chose “Little Truckee River Restoration.” All you need to do is sign up and details will be sent directly to you before the event. The deadline for registration is Friday, October 5th.

Thanks for all you do for the watershed, we hope to see you out there with us Sunday morning!


Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on Truckee River Day!…Matt

7th Annual Fishmas Eve to be held April 27th, 7p.m. at Blue Coyote

Allright trout bums, get ready because Fishmas Eve is right around the corner again.  If you you are not familiar with Fishmas Eve, it was started by our chapter president-Stefan McCleoud, seven years ago, to celebrate the opening of the fishing season.  Well, the season stays open year round now, but that’s no reason to not celebrate!

$20 gets you all you can eat pizza and all you can drink beer!  What?!  That is not a typo, 20 bucks gets you all you can eat pizza (did ya hear that buglife?) and all you can drink beer!  All proceeds will go to the chapter (and hence into our fishery), what a great way to donate money!  In addition there will be a raffle with lots of great prizes!  I think the big prize last year was a brand new Red Truck Diesel 5wt.  If you love beer, pizza, and most importantly protecting the Truckee River watershed, then come join us for a great time on April 27th!

Public Commenting On Suction Dredge Mining Ends March 5th.

Allright peeps, let your voice be heard and write a letter to DFG concerning their proposed suction dregding regulations.  Why is this important to us as anglers?  Well if you don’t know what suction dredging is here is a link…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1qwdzQ4fzI.  As you can see this practice interferes with the streambed, which we all know is the place all those bugs near and dear to us, and trout, live.

DFG is proposing a season for suction dredging from September 1st through September 30th on all Lake Tahoe Tributaries, including the Truckee River and its tributaries.  There has been a moratorium on suction dredging since 2009, the moratorium will end in June of 2016.  The TRTU is asking for a ban on Lake Tahoe tribs, and the mainstem of the Truckee and its tribs.  You can help out by also writing a letter.

Here is a link for DFG with all relevant information to the proposed regulations, as well as a physical address and an email address where you can voice your concerns.

http://www.dfg.ca.gov/suctiondredge/….p.s. If you are going to submit a comment via email, DFG wants a specific subject in the subject line.  You can find that info out with the above link.

Thank You,

The Trout Bums